Glo Skin And Body Studio’s Statement on Covid-19

The novel coronavirus also known as COVID-19 is now a pandemic, affecting millions of lives and businesses around the world. Our hearts go out to everyone whose families have been affected.

We are closely monitoring the situation and encourage everyone’s support to stop the spread of the virus. Because of this, Glo skin and Body Studios is fully operational, our staff will take in account all the protocols established to prevent COVID-19 in order to continue providing our services and take care of our customers.

It is important to remember that health and safety remains the highest priority in getting through this outbreak.

Stay strong and safe. Let us work together to get through this challenge.

Protocols to prevent COVID 19

1. Will only be attended by appointment

2. The use of mouth masks is mandatory

3. In order not to miss your appointment you must be on time

4. When you come in, desinfect your shoes

5. You must not come with a companion

6. When you enter, at the reception apply anti-bacterial

7. Upon entering, the temperature will be taken

8. Respect the distance signals

9. Do not attend if you present symptoms

10. Follow the instructions of the staff

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